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Melbet is home for the best online TV Games that any bettor would find extremely easy, entertaining and profitable. This is over and above the already rich live casino and live slots that is provided to each and every customer. But if you feel you want to try something else, the TV games section is the perfect choice as it is chock full of the best gambling games and live friendly dealers with intuitive and easy interfaces.

The TVbet section

"TVbet" offers the best live TV games of wheel, poker, war of elements, 5BET and 7BET.


War of Elements

A simple yet addictive game to boot, the War of Elements is the game where the high card wins. Between the dealer and player, you have a choice of 6 different bets to choose from at the beginning of the round. Once player card is chosen, betting options are updated live as you can then bet on only the feasible remaining options.

The dealer is extremely friendly to accommodate your betting session and you can see each move live. Choose from a variety of betting combination as you can bet with a single click an amount as low as 0.10 Euros. Or you can precisely set the amount you want to bet by manually adjusting. You can quickly glance over the last few bets to identify if there are any streaks or look at the results to have a comprehensive idea of how the game progressed.

The How To Play section is a great touch for newcomers and seasoned players alike as you get to identify the nuances of the game. Knowing about the game in detail and how to bet always gives you the upper hand and a better chance of winning. You can even vote for your favorite dealer at the Our Dealers section to increase the chances of the dealer of your choice showing up more often when you play.


Simple yet rewarding, the game of 7Bet is perfect for beginners and seasoned bettors alike. As the lovely dealers bring the game live to you, you can bet on loads of outcomes including guessing the 7 numbers, how many selected balls will be drawn, even/odd, sum of numbers even/odd, last drawn number even/odd, colors of the drawn balls, amount, amount by color to name just a few.

With so many options to bet on, it is no surprise that you get a greater chance to win with your bets. Once again, the lowest bet amount of 0.1 Euros is perfect for all and can be increased with a single click or manually. Look at the results to see how the game has panned out or hit the How to Play section to know more about 7Bet. Once again, vote for your favorite dealer at Our Dealers section.


Akin to 7Bet, 5bet is a similar game but with 5 balls meaning your chances of winning are even higher. As with its slightly larger counterpart, at 5bet you can place your bets on a plethora of options including numbers to be drawn, even/odd, color, amount, divisibility, smallest/biggest, next drawn number etc. A quick look at how to play and the game results will reveal many more nuances of this game. Bet as low as 0.1 Euro and get started on your way towards great winnings. Also do not forget to show your love to your favorite dealers by voting for them.


A game of both skill and luck, the Livebet Poker room will give you a chance to bet on the outcomes of a live poker game as the dealer lays the hands down. Bet on a plethora of options such as high card, one pair, two pair, three of a kind, flush, straight, royal flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and so on.

Carefully scan the dealt hands to cement your decision as the flops, turn and river comes. Bet on the options at each step of the way. You also get to bet on the stake and pre flop action. Once again, use the one click betting option to bet easily or manually enter exactly the amount you want to bid. Click How to Play to learn more about Video poker and its nuances.


The wheel can be your wheel of fortune as you take part in the immersive interactive fun action of this offering from Livebet. With options to bet on the numbers that would come up, split, the colors, over/under, dozen and columns. You get over 2 minutes to place your bets using the simple batting options and wait for the wheel to turn. Do not forget to vote for your favorite dealer if you win big at the wheel.



War Of Bets:

Akin to War of Elements, in this game you are trying to guess whether dealer or player will end up with the high card or will there be a tie/war. Apart from these primary bets, you can easily bet on the colors, suits and values that will be dealt to the player or the dealer.

While playing, you get to see the clock on the table so no matter how engrossed you are, you always have your track of time. Place bets with a single click with all the possible bet amounts laid out clearly. The live chat option is extremely handy if you have something to discuss with the Betgames team.


One of the most famous gambling games ever, the Betgames Baccarat lets you bet on primary bets of player or banker winning and on a huge number of side bets. You can bet on pairs on each side, the suits, values, colors, big/small hand, even/odd or the total value of cards. Players are allowed to bet between each dealt card meaning you can see how the current round is progressing and take your decisions accordingly. You can easily take the live chat option if you have any queries and place bets easily with the simple one click option.


At the Betgames live poker table, bet on the perfect game for gambling on pre flop action, flop cards, turn and river cards. The best touch of this game is that the dealer will explain to you current status of the hands between each action and which hands are winning or losing. This makes the game easy for new players who have difficulty in keeping track of the situation visually. As always, players can bet on flush, royal flush, straight, three of a kind, one pair, two pair and so on. The live chat and easy bet options are also there for this table.


Simple and enjoyable game of Dice brought to you by Betgames TV gives all players a chance to win thanks to huge number of betting options to choose from. As 5 dices are rolled each round, you can bet on the combinations, numbers, total sum of the pips and odd/even. You get ample time to choose your bets as you see the roll live each round.


All players taking interest in gambling must be familiar with the game of wheels. The simplest game ever, watch as the wheel turns to your advantage after you have carefully placed your bets. You can increase your chances of winning by placing bets on the numbers on which the clapper will stop or by placing side bets on color or evenodd.

Lucky 5 and Lucky 7:

Two similar games with tons of betting options, Betgames TV presents to you live the favorite games of many gamblers. Choose between the numbers that will be dropped, which colored balls will be dropped, which colored balls will outnumber other colors and a plethora of other options to test your luck and win big. You can always place your bets with a single click and enjoy to the fullest.