My review on my partnership with MelBet


For those who are already aware of what a partnership affiliation agreement is, I’ll cut to the chase, if not then read what follows below for more information.

First of all, this kind of offer is fairly common in the world of sports betting: a Revenue Share (RS) of only 25% with negative carryover. It’s not the greatest but I’ve always been paid, even for small amounts. I’m not a large affiliate, so others may have the potential to earn even more.

To request a payment, all that’s required is to get in touch with your affiliate manger. They’re very responsive, even on weekends. In terms of links, promotional codes and material, everything is available through the affiliate interface, including reports on your sites and your players. It’s a very simple platform and one which has proven itself with other Russian bookmakers.

Overall, I’ve been quite satisfied working with Melbet, even if the selection lacks dedicated landing pages and the rate of compensation is low compared to the competition.

A view of the affiliate interface

What is MelBet’s affilate program?

MelBet is a sports betting site has an affiliate system that allows its members to earn extra income in addition to their winnings derived from gambling. Through advertising and by using their contacts, partner members promote the MelBet Betting Company’s products.

In exchange for this service, the platform pays its partners. This compensation is in the form of a commission. Their rates vary but may be as high as 40%. To support members who take part in the program, MelBet provides them tools to better promote their products

What are the terms and conditions for participating in the affiliate program?

First and foremost, keep in mind that betting activities are strictly limited to people who are at least 18 years of age. The same principle applies to Melbet’s affiliate program. Secondly, you must commit to reading, understanding and accepting the general terms of the program in question.

With respect to the aforementioned conditions, it must be emphasized that MelBet is free to modify them whenever they choose. However, appropriate notification of any change is sent to partners electronically. This sports betting service provider works daily to offer the best sports betting service to its members.

Registration form

What are the terms and conditions for participants in the program?

In the first place, each Melbet user is only entitled to open one affiliate account. Registering a second time, even as a sub-affiliate, is against the general terms of the affiliate program.

What you need to know about commissions awarded to participants

The commissions awarded to participants in MelBet’s affiliate program do not have a set value. They usually depend on the profits that the bookmaker makes on each bet made by its affiliates. It should also be emphasized that in no way do the commissions affect the value of profits earned by those who registered via an affiliate link. Program participants receive their commissions every Tuesday, with the only condition being that the corresponding amount exceeds a value of 30 dollars.

Some rules to follow for a profitable, long term partnership affiliation

In the first place, it must be specified that partners are not permitted to promote the betting businesses’ products through objectionable electronic channels. Also, any kind of contextual advertising using the term “MelBet” or any “Call to action” advertisements such as Click Under or Pop Under must be avoided. When it is discovered that an affiliate has been using these means, the platform will simply delete the account in question. In addition, it is also forbidden to provide false information for the sole purpose of enticing visitors to subscribe. As well, Melbet affiliates are also prohibited from using “cookie stuffing” techniques.