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Melbet offers its customers a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to Esports betting. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a better selection of e-sporting games and events to bet on the internet. It covers events taking place in all corners of the earth so no matter when and from where you log in, you will definitely find exciting events that are taking place in the esport of your choice.

All the ongoing events are updated in real time to give you the best odds, latest scores and progression in a simple yet intuitive interface. To give you the best chance at handsome wins, our live broadcast feature lets you track the progress of the event in real time to allow you to make the best decisions.

Overview of games in live

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Please find below a comprehensive list of all esports offered on Melbet:

  • Call of Duty: Everyone’s favorite FPS is now available on Melbet as an eSport. Bet on random matches and events as COD players around the world take each other on. Bet on pre-match events and watch the live broadcast for in-game betting to make handsome money from the game you love.
  • Counter Strike: Perhaps the most popular tactical shooting game of all time, Counter Strike gives you a chance to bet on worldwide CS events through Melbet. Live betting and pre-match betting are welcome. With CS, you can bet on bombs planted, bombs defused, total frags, round win, round total, total and 1X2 to name a few. CS also supports handicap betting while providing the best odds amongst peers.
  • DOTA: The immensely popular MMORPG game DOTA is one of the main attractions of the Melbet eSports section. With millions of players online, you will never be short of events if you want to bet on any of the DOTA games. As always, pre-match and live betting are at your disposal.
  • Rocket League: A unique and exciting game, watch as two teams take each other on in games of basketball, football and hockey using cars! Yes, lovers of Rocket League, you can now place pre-match and live lets on 1X2, total and even/odd bets to maximize your chances of winning.
  • League of Legends: An extremely popular online RPG game, League of Legends is part of Melbet’s eSports section where you can place your bets on pre-match and in-game events.
  • World of Tanks: A cult classic, World of Tanks is a battlefield arena game that is fought out using tanks. In this game, you get to bet on a variety of options.
  • Hearthstone: Hearthstone is a strategy card game that allow you to bet on, 1X2, total, total moves, total legendary cards laid, total spells used and total minions used. As always, you get to bet both in-game and pre-match.
  • Street Fighter: One of the most popular fighting arcade and video game in history, Street Fighter now comes to you in a new avatar, allowing you place bets on your favorite Street Fighter matches and players. Stand to win from great odds as you place your bets on your favorite of Ryu, Kane, Guile, Zangief or many other immortal characters.
  • The King of Fighters (KOF): Considered a classic by many arcade fighting game lovers, the passion for KOF is alive and kicking at the Melbet eSports section as you get a chance to place your bet on single head to head or competitive tournament events.
  • Tekken: Another hot favorite amongst lovers of arcade fighting games, Tekken has held its place in the minds of console gamers for over a decade now. Here at Melbet, you get a chance to bet on Tekken matches taking place around the world with betting options on round wins, round durations and individual totals. Handicaps are also available.
  • FIFA: Now combine your love for virtual football and football betting at Melbet with FIFA, the World's most popular online football game. As the bookmaker supports FIFA 16, 17 and 18, you get to bet on a variety of events including but not limited to the Champions League, Europa League, World Championship and several domestic leagues. With the option to beet pre-match and in-game, choose from next goal, both teams scored, double chance, Asian Handicap, correct score and a plethora of other betting options with great odds.
  • eSports Martial Arts: Melbet has something for UFC lovers as well with the coverage of virtual UFC MMA events for customers. Choose from a variety of events ranging from lightweight to heavyweight and a variety of betting options such as KO, TKO, winning points and win by submission. Live broadcast of the events along with pre-match and in-game betting is available for all bettors.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PES): PES is the second most played virtual football game in the world, and Melbet placed its coverage for those PES fans amongst its customers. With PES, you get events from around the world covering the best leagues, championships and international matches. Live coverage with real time score, real time updated odds, live betting and pre-match bets are as always there for your entertainment and benefit. Betting options such as Asian Handicap, both teams scored, total score, goals in each half, first score etc. keep the event exciting and give you plenty of choices to win from.
  • Flatout: Witness carnage on the racing track and place bets on it with Flatout4. One of the most entertaining virtual racing games to ever hit the market, with Flatout4 you get to witness breathtaking racing action as you bet on the total number of points players would accumulate in each round.
  • Worms: Fun, entertaining and cut throat. Worms is one of those games with high competitiveness and loads of fun element and you will find it difficult to find betting options on Worms anywhere else other than Melbet. Choose from Even/Odd, Correct Score, 1X2 and Total Score betting options as Worms events are covered from around the world.
  • Battlefield: A classic amongst all first person shooters (FPS), Battlefield provides you a chance to bet on two highly competitive teams as they fight for glory. Pre-match and in-game betting allow total score, even/odd and 1X2 betting options.
  • Quake 4: The latest offering from one of the world's oldest and most popular FPS franchise, Quake 4 is the ultimate battle arena for skilled FPS players. Here at Melbet, enjoy the blood bathed games in real time while you bet on the winner, highest number frags in regular time, highest number of deaths and so on with great odds.
  • Mortal Kombat: Considered a classic arcade fighting game by many fans of the genre, Mortal Kombat is the game that introduced players to the concepts of "fatality" and "brutality". Now these finishing moves are in your favor as you get to bet on them on Melbet. Watch the fights live as you place your wager on possible fatality finishes, brutality finishes, round wins and total scores.
  • Angry Birds: When Angry Birds hit the mobile device a few years back it was all the rage. The adorable yet competitive arcade mobile game has spawned many versions since then and it is as popular as a pastime as it is as an eSport among the betting enthusiasts. Melbet provides online Angry Bird events where you can bet on the maximum possible score, maximum possible stars and maps cleared. As always, the odds are always the best at Melbet to allow you to rake in the winnings.
  • TwentyOne: Also known popularly as Blackjack, the TwentyOne card game is a classic casino and gambling game that draws many a bettor to the table. Now on Melbet, you can bet on the virtual version of TwentyOne and bet on bust, 21, card suit, card rank, total, 1X2, golden point and which player gets the high cards during a game. The odds are great as always while you take your chances on this classic virtual game.
  • Injustice: Bet to your heart’s content as DC universe super heroes and super villains take each other on in this 2.5D arcade fighting game. Live events and pre-match bets of 1X2, round win and total rounds provide great odds for all connoisseurs of Injustice.
  • Steep: Love extreme sports? Then you will definitely love to follow and bet on Steep, the game that brings together the best of snowboarding, paragliding, skiing and wingsuit flying. Join the featured snowboarding events and bet on the player total scores to win big money.
  • Heroes: Heroes is an exciting MMORPG game that provides to you some unique betting options such as who will take part in the fight, which level creature will survive and how many squads will survive at the end of the game.
  • Durak: The popular Russian card game of Durak is the perfect game of choice to place bets on for the players from Eastern Europe.
  • Disc Jam: Frisbee takes a new step as two players battle it out in Disc Jam, the ultimate Frisbee game with loads of power ups and excitements. As you enjoy the game, you can also enjoy the great odds provided by Melbet.
  • eSports Baseball: United States’ favorite sport of all time is well represented in the eSports section of Melbet. Find your favorite events and you can bet in game and pre-match.
  • eSports Golf: Golf may be boring to some but here on Melbet, the eSports Golf is plenty exciting. Bet on the events as players go head to head and you should be able to get the best odds in game on a hole by hole basis.
  • eSports American Football: Yet another American classic, yet another eSports for your pleasure. Bet on head to head or cup events as Melbet brings to you the best of eSports American Football from around the globe.
  • eSports Lacrosse: Melbet is one of the very few bookmakers online who provide betting options on eSports Lacrosse events. It offers major league Lacrosse and other events for your betting pleasure.
  • eSports Rally: If you are into racing, eSports Rally is the perfect choice for you. Choose from a multitude of random racing events, study the live broadcast of the event to finalize your strategy and you are good to go.
  • eSports Table Tennis: Everyone’s favorite eSports of ping pong is also there for you to place your bet on. Table tennis comes with option for pre-match bets and in-game betting with live broadcast. Choose from competitive tournaments or head to head events as per your liking.
  • eSports American Pool: For the lovers of American Pool, For the lovers of American Pool, the eSports version of the game is provided.
  • eSports F1: Formula One lovers rejoice as Melbet has introduced the popular version of everyone’s favorite racing genre. With the ability to participate in grand races and live broadcast of the event, bet on your favorite F1 stars in the virtual world.
  • eSports Tennis: Choose from the varied selection of Tennis championship or head to head events and bet on your favorite tennis stars from across the world.
  • eSports Cricket: One of the fastest growing sports in the world today, Cricket is insanely popular in the Asian countries and UK. Hence it should come as no surprise if you like to bet on the “Gentleman’s game” as well. Live international and domestic esporting cricket events are covered, that let you bet on your favorite teams and win big.
  • eSports Floorball: Floorball is a new and evolving sport that is making ripples around the world. Gaining popularity each day, the Biennial World Floorball Championships and the annual Euro Floorball Cup are some of the events that should not be missed. Keeping this in mind, Melbet has arranged for you to participate in eSports Floorball events where you can bet on your favorite teams in international or club level virtual matches.
  • eSports Wrestling: Melbet has brought for you the virtual version of world’s most popular wrestling entertainment. Bet on your favorite WWE superstars and win big.
  • eSports Basketball: Taking NBA to the next level, Melbet’s offering of virtual NBA events from across the globe is a golden chance for all Basketball loving bettors. Choose from NBA 2K18 tournaments, random matches and head to heads to place your bets. Real time score and odds update with live broadcast of the events make it a smooth and entertaining experience.
  • eSports Handball: Handball has many dedicated followers around the world so a virtual handball betting experience has been implemented, that will be hard to find anywhere else. With live broadcasting, real time odds and score, in-match betting and pre-game wagers, enjoy your handball betting like never before.
  • eSports Rugby: One of the most popular sports in Europe and Australasia, Rugby, both online and offline, is the sport of choice for many bettors. Hence you get a chance to bet on virtual esports Rugby on Melbet, with the options to place pre-match and in-game bets. Use the live broadcast option to track the game and fine tune your bets accordingly to take advantage of the high odds.