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Melbet's list of betting and gambling options are extended further with the popular addition of Bingo and Toto. With a multitude of bets for each niche, now your chances of winning from Melbet are even greater.


There are not many gamblers alive who do not know about Bingo and Keno. At Melbet you get a choice between Bingo, Crazy Bingo, Battleship and Keno.



Available live for your instruction and pleasure, easily buy a ticket to take your place in the game. Once you have your ticket, wait patiently for a few minutes for the live selection to start. As the 70 balls make their way and the dealer announces them, you get to observe the lines, house or jackpot results and see if you get the jackpot.

Buy ticket pieces and packs with the numbers that will be yours for the next game. As numbers come up and you see live the results, you can quickly visit the winnings section to find out your current winnings. The demo version of the game is a great touch for all new players who might want to test the system out before betting actual money. As always, there is the live chat option if you want to clarify something with our customer support executive.


The idea of Keno is the same as Bingo, albeit with a twist. The live game will show as the 20 balls are chosen. Before the game begins, buy a ticket and wait for the game to start. Big prizes and jackpots await if your ticket comes up to be the lucky one.

Each ticket can be bought for as low as 2 USD. You can buy more than one ticket for each game round. Once you have bought your tickets, you can quickly pull up all the bough tickets from the awaiting section and see them together in a nice simple interface. Once the game starts, the status of your tickets change to in game and you get to rake in the winnings. The demo system is there for you to test out the Keno game system before you start betting real money.


The classic game of Battleship gets a new twist as you buy tickets with different battleship layouts. Rounds go on one after the other as you patently wait for your bought tickets. Then as the live game starts, the announcer declares the chosen numbers and you see if the ships on your tickets are spared or destroyed.

Money can be won on a number of combinations and bonus fleets destroyed as the game progresses. As always, once the round is over, quickly head over the to the winnings tab to identify if you have won anything. Demo version of the game allows you test the water before you actually place your bets. You can contact the live customer support at any time if you have any qualms.

Crazy Bingo:

With bigger wins and better chances of hitting a jackpot, crazy bingo is a big hit amongst all Melbet customers. Buy the tickets in the demo mode to get a feel of the game and then dip into your account for real money. Once tickets are bought, rules are pretty simple. You patiently await the next live round to start and hope that the 70 numbers that you want come up.

Once again, money can be won based on line, house or jackpot basis. Once the round is over, quickly sort your tickets and head on over to the winnings tab to identify your take home amount. After that either cash out or keep playing for better results.



The betting system of Tote or Toto is famous around the world and obviously Melbet wanted to set you up on some Toto action. In the game of Toto betting, choose from a range of outcomes for a huger number of listed football and ice hockey matches. You can even place a blind bet if you are feeling extra ordinarily lucky. Choose between TOTO-15 and Toto Correct score to get a chance to win big. Bets can be placed on the final score, team 1 winning, team 2 winning or a tie.

Apart from our selection of real life football matches, the operator also accepts Toto bets on a large number Esports FIFA events. Once you have placed your bets and draw is about to start, wait patiently until all bets are settled and you could come out with the winnings of a lifetime.