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Westermark Madness Baronial Changeover edition

September 5-7th 2014

San Benito County Fairgrounds

Address: San Benito County Fairgrounds, 9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos, CA 95075

Start Time: Site opens at Noon. Site close: 3:00 pm Sunday

Site Fee: Weekend: $10.00 for adult members, with a $5 NMS if applicable, $5.00 per child under 18. Day trip: $5.00 per adult; $2.00 per child under 18. Family maximum $25.00 (not counting NMS).


From south of Gilroy: Take the best route to US-101 N to CA-156 E toward San Juan Batista/ Hollister. Turn right onto Union Road. Turn right onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25. *Follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From the Bay Area: Take US-101 S. Take the CA-25 exit toward Hollister CA-25 merging right going into Hollister. Turn left onto Santa Ana Road. Turn right onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From I-5: Take CA-33 exit at Santa Nella towards Gilroy. Turn West onto CA-33. Merge onto CA-152 West toward Gilroy. Turn left onto CA-156/ Pacheco Pass Hwy. Turn left onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right. Please join us!

Autocrat: Cordelia Tosser

Overall Schedule


Site Opens at Noon, general setup and informal socializing


Please note, that despite our best intentions, it is very possible that the scheduled activities will be adjusted in duration or content to best fit the time available.

Games available at various times – listen for the call.

Cooks play at the various available braziers and cooking trays.

Archery – open range

9:30am Opening Ceremony;

Swap Meet Opens: Drop off/pick up items Please make a donation if possible. All items must be picked up by 5pm.

10:00am 1st A&S classes begin: "Being Loud on the Field with Kiffiny" aka Introduction to becoming a Field Herald 10:00am Wirework Hangout with Derile: Come bring your current wirework projects and swap tips, techniques, and sources with one another. I’ll bring some extra supplies and can teach some quick and easy projects for interested beginners, including Anglo-Saxon spiral wrist clasps or Trichinopoly/Viking wire weaving.

Bring: whatever wireworking tools you have—wire cutters, needlenose pliers etc. A lot of these can be found in a standard tool kit. I will have a couple sets to share, but the more the merrier.

Fee: $0-3 depending on materials needed

10:00am Armor Inspection begins and Warlord List opens

10:30am Warlord Tournament begins

Noon Noon Court (including Baronial Changeover) and Lunch Break

1:00pm Class: Bardic Sing-Along with Derile and Rian

Come learn (or refresh your knowledge of) some songs you could use around the bardic fire, both period and SCA compositions. We’ll go beyond the “patriotic” SCA songs, though we can hit a couple of those too if there is time and interest.

1:00pm Class:"Naalbinding" with Appolonia

1:00pm Westermark Heavy Fighting Scenarios begin

3:00pm Class: Knots Knots & More Knots with Tigdhe

3:00pm Class: "Starting from Scratch"; a Newcomer's guide to learning a skill for A&S competitions with Hrafna Kara

6:00pm Potluck Dinner: Westermark will provide lots of meat. Bring side dishes to share and an ingredients list. Brief court to award prizes.

8:00pm Torchlight Tourney & Westermark Markee

  • Children's Activities: Games sessions spread throughout the day!


Lunch Break from noon-1pm


Southern Shores Warlord Tournament lists will begin promptly at 10:30 am

Westermark's traditional fighting scenarios will commence after the Warlord is concluded.

  • Bushkazee
    We love our sheep and defend them against all comers. In this battle, a stuffed sheep is placed on the field. To win, you must obtain the sheep, and run with it around two markers. When you are killed, you must go to resurrections point (wherever the Baroness is) and make sheep noises at her. You may be required to “baa” in a specific manner or imitation. (“Why do I always get the sexy ones?” complained a contestant after being required to baa like an underwear model. An excellent opportunity to embarrass young squires is to make them baa after the manner of their knight.) The current sheep is one made by Lady Alexia, a former A&S Minister for the barony. Winning this particular battle designates you as the Westermark Shepherd, and you are given a small stuffed sheep to care for during the year. Many shepherds have dressed their sheep in various costumes. It is very important not to lose the sheep. Previous Westermark Shepherds include: Viscount Sir Geoffrey Scott, Duchess Juana IMR, Merlin MacIntyre, Master Mikhail Justinian, Duke Frederick of Holland, and Lord Angino di Mercenario de Vincenzo, Viscount Sir Miles Fitz-rauf.
  • Immortals Melee
    How to make Westermark Applesauce: take many apples and a roll of duct tape. Tape one apple to each head (at the very top) of at least three fighters. Back away quickly. Fighters beat on each other until the apple is gone. It has great moments of amusement as some fighters will duck to avoid a head-shot and the apple will fly off, just like in children’s T-ball. NB: Sometime (usually) objects other than apples may be used.
  • The Thug (and Thugette) o’da Westermark
    Once upon a time, someone said, “Our Baron does not need a champion, he needs a thug!” The Thug tourney has been around in various forms since the time of Catalin di Napoli & Ana Moonstar. What you must do to become the Thug has varied from tourney to tourney. Typically it has involved a mass-weapon fight of some sort; sometimes round robin, and sometimes a double elimination tourney. For instance: To become Thug you may have to fight, dance in armor, and win a game. Come find out! Becoming Thug is at the discretion of the Baroness. Her Excellency has a wicked sense of humor. Geoffrey Mathias says he won something involving art/dance/heraldry/fight/game at Nicollo & Madalayne’s first tourney, but it wasn’t the Thug or the Champion. It may have been Athelesia Morgan who started the tradition of the Baroness choosing the weapons for the combatants. One memorable Madness, she had all the fighters stand in a circle, facing outwards so they could not see each other (as for a Shaston melee). She handed them weapons. She gave Sir (at the time, now Duke) Uther a small dagger, and he still won. Da Thug o'da Westermark is awarded the Thug Hat, a small plastic Viking helmet. The Thugs typically sign the hat, and are required to drink anything non-toxic poured into the hat. It is the job of the Thug to return the hat to the next Madness. Baron Corwin asked his thugs to talk to him like cheap hoods. Previous Thugs of the Westermark: Brusi of the Shetlands (check OP), Duke Sir Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen (Madness 98), Duke Sir Uther, Co-Thugs Krysta and Savaric, The Dancing Thug Baron Sir John Theophilous (Madness 99), Kido (Helmut), Valgard (won for Krysta while she was princess), Roland (Madness 01), The Singing Co-Thugs Duke Flieg and Sir Colin Maclear (Madness ’02) Muirenn (Madness ‘03), Duke Flieg on his own (Madness ‘04), Viscount Sir Geoffrey Scott (Madness ’05), Sir Geoffrey Matthias (Madness '06), Baccus Kaloethes (Madness '07), Duke Uther (Madness '08), Baccus Kaloethes (Madness '09). Viscount Sir Miles Fitz-rauf (Madness 2010), Sir Bjarnheðinn Hamarsson (Madness 2011)
  • The Thugette
    The Thugette or Thug’s Consort is awarded a belt-favor in the colors of the Westermark. It is just big enough to carry a pack of cigarettes. Where there are co-Thugs, there are corresponding co-Thugettes. The Thugette is a much newer tradition than the Thug, as the Thug goes back to the mists of time and the Thugette was began in the reign of Chad & Athelesia. It is the job of the Thugette to return the favor to the next Madness. As the Thug chooses the Thugette, and could choose a new Thugette every day if desired, we have no record of Thugettes, except for Morgan (Muirenn), Eilis (Flieg), Viscountess Catherine of Wessex (Geoffrey Scott), Mistress Crystal of the Westermark (Geoffrey Matthias), and Na'ara (Baccus Kaloethes)
  • The 2-Headed Troll Battle
    The Troll Tourney is done by teaming up two fighters (sometimes intentionally, sometimes at the amusement of the Baroness). They fight holding on to the same double shield, so from the front it appears to be a two-headed, two-armed, four-legged monster. There isn’t any award associated with the Troll, although Sir Aaron has a great deal of fun with it for several years running. Former tolls include: Sir Aaron of Buckminster & Samuil, (of the Kates). There was one memorable troll tourney when Baroness Athelesia Morgan teamed up Uther (very big) and Elizabeth (very small). Elizabeth was eventually killed, but as both heads of the troll must be killed, she held onto the shield and was dragged around as Uther killed nearly everyone else on the field.
  • Other Potential Scenarios
    Greatsword bouts
    Knife fighting Westermark style (SCA heavy daggers)
    5-person tourney (War weapons OK, no archery due to site restrictions)
    And more! Come and suggest your favorite scenario!

Closing Court

Court will begin at 5pm

Evening Activities

These activities begin following dinner.

  • The Markee . This is a dramatic competition held Saturday evening at Madness. The winners are selected by the Baron and Baroness this year, influenced by beer and popular acclaim. The award is a wooden drama symbol, which has been marked by each of its successive owners. The Markee was made by Savaric.

It is the job of the Markee holders to return the Markee to the next Madness, as they are responsible for running the contest and deciding what the next theme is. It is also traditional for the holder(s) of the Markee to repeat their performance at the following Madness, before handing it off to a new winner. Previous Markee Holders: Mistress Wander, The BeoCat Chick, Sir Aaron of Buckminster, Kellyn Firesinger & Hugh Piper & David the Mad Fiddler, The Art Troll, Master Sir John Theophilous, Juliana, Iduna & Sarah, Angino di Mercenario de Vincenzo, Jarad, Acelin de Alsop, and Sean.

Other Activities

  • Numenarian Brick Toss Throwing the bricks is a serious and dignified competition for which you are judged both on style and distance. The Kingdom of Númenor is an ancient kingdom referred to in “The Lord of the Rings” (the books the first parties of the group that would become the SCA were based on). The Numenorians did something very, very foolish, and this caused humorous comments about them to be made by various Westermarkers whenever someone did something foolish. There were Numenorian omelets; and eventually Numenorian bricks. David of Mecca still has the original can of paint. Once upon a time, there was a young Westermarker named Fred of Numenor who made the bricks and threw them. There are currently about 6 bricks, and are often found in the early Sunday morning at Madness in a Stonehenge-like ring on the eric.

Site is closed at 3pm on Sunday

Event Website

http://www.thewestermark.org/wiki/index.php?title=Westermark_Madness PPFUF Not sung just at Madness, PPFUF is to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” (Folio 2). The first new verses must have been written by The Most Excellent Master Gerhardt von Nordflammen, as one verse of it is sung in “A California Vacuum Cleaner Salesman in the BOG Court”.


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