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Baron of the Westermark:
William Warren
Email the Baron

Baroness of the Westermark:
Sabrina de la Bere
Email the Baroness

Seneschal (Head of the local branch):
Bridget Walker
Email the Seneschal

Chatelaine (New comer info and assistance):
Linda of the Lakelands
Email the Chatelaine

Herald/Black Mark Pursuivant:
Aasa Thorvaldsdottir
Email the Herald

Gold Key (Temporary loaner SCA clothing for those that need it):
Michael of the Westermark
Email Gold Key

Exchequer (Treasurer):
Michael of the Westermark
Email the Exchequer

Head of Secret Police/Minister of Truth (a.k.a. Constable):
Dafydd MacNab
Email the Constable

Chirurgeon (First Aid): Open
Email the Chirurgeon

Marshal (SCA fighting rules and information):
William Warren
Email the Marshal

Minister of Arts and Sciences:
Juliana of the Westermark
Email the A&S Minister

Deputy A&S Minister: Wanted

Chronicler (Secretary):
Bennet le Barbe
Email the Chronicler

Beatrice de Bourgogne
Email the Archer (Office is suspended)

Deputy Archer:
Custodia de Montemor

Page School Coordinator: Position Open (due to Society level requirement change)

Joel The Brewer
Email the Webminister

Deputy Webminister: Pietro del Gato

Deputy Webminister: Linda of the Lakelands

Annual Officers related to Westermark Madness:

Thug of the Westermark: Geoffery Scott & Geoffery Matthias

Thuggette of the Westermark:

Shepherd of the Westermark: Miles FitzRolf

Baroness' Eternal Champion: Count Sir Veniamin Nafanovich Medvednikogotev

The Westermark Markee: Lord Lordly Lord Enoch

Baroness' Rapier Champion: Duke Uther Schiemann Der Hunt

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