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Monthly Meetings: 7pm, 2nd Thursdays of every month at Harry's Hofbrau [1]

1909 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA.

Phone: (650) 366-3733.

Meetings start at 7:00 pm, with most people arriving around 6pm to order dinner or chat. Children are welcome!

If you are interested in participating with the Barony of the Westermark, we strongly encourage you to attend the Monthly meetings. It is the fastest way to meet the members, and learn about the upcoming events. If you are new to the SCA in general, this is where we can help connect you with other members, who might be able to help you get your first set of garb together, or loan you camping equipment etc...

Meeting Directions: Take your favorite route to 101, taking the WOODSIDE ROAD exit in Redwood City.

Go west on WOODSIDE ROAD (away from the bridge) to EL CAMINO REAL (CA-82) north.

Bear to the left, this puts you onto MAIN STREET, Harry's parking lot is on the right.

Harry's Hofbrau has an EL CAMINO address, but it's situated on the block that straddles EL CAMINO REAL and MAIN STREET, making Harry's accessible by both streets.

Agenda-May2013 Meeting

Agenda-April2010 Meeting

Agenda-May2010 Meeting (led by Custodia)

Agenda-July2010 Meeting (led by Joel)

Agenda-August2010 Meeting (led by Ida)

Agenda-September2010 Meeting (led by Custodia)

Agenda-October2010 Meeting (led by Joel)

Agenda-November2010 Meeting (led by Ida)

Agenda-December2010 Meeting (led by Joel)

Agenda-January2011 Meeting (led by Custodia)

Agenda-February2011 Meeting (led by Custodia)

Agenda-March2011 Meeting (led by Joel)

Agenda-April2011 Meeting (led by joel)

Agenda-May2011 Meeting (led by TBD)

Agenda-June2011 Meeting (led by TBD)


Agenda-August2011 Meeting

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Minutes from meetings in the past

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