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People deeply held assumptions about how marriage should work, but some test of these assumptions are useful, many of them are so friendly, I call them "toxic." Assumptions about the toxic relationship is one of the central reasons that many people today can not stay married life. It is important that we do what we think of toxic assumptions about the relationship of inventory. For example, one of the most common is the fact that the relations satisfy "enough love will take care of everything." Infinite number of people who want to be married, and who actually commit shackled suffering the toxic premise. For many, this was the cause of relentless grief. Think about that which you have modeled the behavior of your relationship. See how to treat your marriage, especially if you are in stress, and ask yourself: "After I changed my behavior?" Reflect on your behavior pattern and its success is a happy marriage. Looking back, do you think that person was a good example? If not, what would be a better model to emulate? What new relationship skills, you may need to increase theprosperity that comes from feeling your relationship? IMPORTANT: the relationship and overcome the learned behavior rather than dynamic. Some people are lucky, because a good relationship behavior was modeled in the home and they grew up with him. However, others are not nearly as lucky. Marriage was often exhibited in a terrible, destructive coping skills and unfortunate children born out of them grew up learning. Are you one of them? If so, you have to do much, not only for themselves but also their spouse and children as well. My patients can not initially identify key assumptions, and now they have learned in practice, consciously or unconsciously, how to be married and how to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise. Consider the following question: Do you hire a surgeon to determine in advance the skills, experience and authority, he should have to treat you? Ultimately, the success of your operation is very important to get the symptoms and improve their quality of life. It is not reasonable for you accidentally select something from the "Yellow Pages" and not know the doctor's qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, many people have adopted the notion that knowledge and experience of the body do not need to be happily married to one person for life. The concept that happily married people are happier because they just click. "And it will continue that if the" click "to the marriage, you will naturally click" afterwords. It is a misconception! Research clearly shows that the "press" is often irrelevant. What is relevant to those who are happily married and consciously focus on ways to become better spouses throughout their relationship. Goal-driven effort to constantly and often successful couple is better "spouseing. Who are these men usually target the improvement of skills? Not surprisingly, the majority related to the particular communication and problem solving skills. Many people focus on the more precise and attentive listening skills development. IMPORTANT: Others focu

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