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The official Website for the Kingdom of the West is here:

List of Current Groups in the West Kingdom:

Principality of the Mists:

Canton of Caer Darth (Santa Cruz)

Shire of Caldarium (Marin County)

Shire of Cloondara (San Francisco County)

Shire of Crosston (NW Santa Clara County)

Barony of Darkwood (S. Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monteray Counties)

Shire of Esfenn (SE Alameda County)

Canton of Hawk's Haven (S. Santa Clara & San Benito Counties)

Province of the Mists (N. Alameda County)

Canton of Montaigne du Roi (Monteray County)

College of St. Katherine (UC Berkeley)

Province of Southern Shores (Central Santa Clara County)

Shire of Teufelberg (E. Contra Costa County)

Barony of Vinhold (Napa, SW Solano, and E. Sonoma Counties)

Barony of the Westermark (San Mateo County)

Shire of Wolfscairn (N. Marin and W. Sonoma Counties)

Principality of Cynagua:

Shire of Alpensee (Carson City and Douglas County)

Shire of Bestwodeshire (Tehama and Shasta Counties)

Shire of Betony Wood (South Sacramento County)

Shire of Canale (Southern Stanislaus and Merced Counties)

Shire of Champclair (Eastern Solano County)

Shire of Crystalmist (Siskiyou & Modoc Counties)

Shire of Danegeld Tor (NE Sacramento and Placer Counties)

Shire of Fendrake Marsh (Churchill and Lyon Counties in Nevada)

Barony of Fettburg (San Joaquin and Northern Stanislaus County)

Province of Golden Rivers (Central Sacramento County)

Shire of Mountain's Gate (El Dorado County)

Barony of Rivenoak (Glenn and Butte Counties)

Province of the Silver Desert (Washoe County in Nevada)

Shire of Thistletorr (Colusa and Sutter Counties)

Shire of Vakkerfjell (Yuba County)

Shire of Windy Meads (Yolo County)

Principality of Oertha (Alaska):

Shire of Earngyld (Juneau)

Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage)

Shire of Hrafnsfjordr (Kenai Penninsula)

Shire of Pavlok Gorod (Kodiak Island)

College of St. Boniface (University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

College of St. Guinefort (University of Alaska-Anchorage)

Barony of Selveirgard (Eagle River & Matanuska-Susitna Valley)

Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks)

Canton of Ynys Taltraeth (Kotzebue)


Palantine Barony of Allyshia (Humboldt County)

Shire of Ravenshore (Lake & Mendocino County)

College of St. Brendan (Humboldt State University)

Barony of Tarnmist (San Luis Obismo County)

Canton of Borderwinds (Santa Maria)

Shire of Wuduholt be Secg (Del Norte County)

Palantine Barony of the Far West (Multiple Countries of the Pacific Rim)

Canton of Battle Rock (Okinawa and Japan)

Canton of the Golden Plain (Bangkok, Thailand)

Canton of the Port of Shielded Harbor (Sasebo, Japan)

Stronghold of Vale de Draco (Tokyo, Atsugi, Zama, and surrounding areas of Japan)

Guilds of the West Kingdom:


Seeking Silence & Stillness in the Rush of Business Life

Pico Iyer -- essayist, author, travel writer and thinker -- has a unique perspective on many things. His physical domain ranges from California (where he lived as a child) and England (where he studied) to Cuba, North Korea and Ethiopia (which he visited) and Japan (where he resides). His mental domain knows no limiting boundaries. In this interview with Wharton associate dean and chief information officer Deirdre Woods and Knowledge@Wharton

[Seeking Silence & Stillness in the Rush of Business Life]

[goodville news]

Journey to the End of the Earth

I realized quickly, after just having traveled to various villages in rural India, that distance is relative. Hailing from a city like San Francisco, going even a few hours outside of town is far but twelve hours outside of a major city? I half expected to run into another country.

[Journey to the End of the Earth]

[goodville news]

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Console

Nintendo Co. on Tuesday unveiled details of its Wii U videogame console to be launched late this year, featuring a tablet computer-like controller with touch-sensitive panel.

[Nintendo Unveils Wii U Console]

[goodville news]

Mr. Happy Man

For six hours each day, Bermudas Johnny Barnes stands at a busy traffic intersection telling all who pass that he loves them. His delight and sincerity are infectious, and the people of the island love him back. His service is a simple reminder of the power of happiness and loving-kindness to change any day for the better

[Mr. Happy Man]

[goodville news]

Bangladesh rickshaw puller starts clinic for the poor

Joynal Abedin still remembers the rainy and windy night when he saw his father die because there was no medical treatment. His village in the northern Mymensingh district of Bangladesh did not have any medical facility at that time, and the nearest hospital was about 20km (12 miles) away.

[Bangladesh rickshaw puller starts clinic for the poor]

[goodville news]

New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns

Patrick Howley Daily Caller December 7, 2013 The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is sending out letters telling gun owners to turn over their rifles and shotguns or else face the consequences. New York Citys ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds is now being enforced, according toa letterthe NYPD is sending out to targeted city gun ...
[New York City confiscating rifles and shotguns ]

['.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]

March against Monsanto: Global movement plans 2nd protest

RT October 11, 2013 Joining six continents, 52 countries and over 500 cities, March against Monsanto is planning its second mass rally Saturday against the biotech giant and genetically modified food. A number of Agent Orange victims are expected to join the protest. Saturday is a big day of action against Monsanto. We took our lights out to a local cornfield. ...
[March against Monsanto: Global movement plans 2nd protest ]

['.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]

Government Spies Are Forcing Privacy Email Services To Shut Down Because They Cant Spy On Emails

PrivateSky developers speak out after being issued national security warrant Steve Watson December 12, 2013 GCHQ, the British counterpart and facilitator to the NSA, has forced a privacy focused email service to shut down because it could not effectively spy on the encrypted emails people were sending. As the blog IT Security Guru reports, a beta version of the ...
[Government Spies Are Forcing Privacy Email Services To Shut Down Because They Cant Spy On Emails ]

['.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]

Blast from the Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes are Voluntary October 15, 2013 With Harry Reid in deep negotiations with crony Republican fraud Mitch McConnell, the American public is surely in the process of getting royally screwed once again. Thus, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit an interview in which Mr. Reid claimed on camera that income taxes are voluntary. He must have accidentally ...
[Blast from the Past: Harry Reid Claimed Income Taxes are Voluntary ]

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Alan Dershowitz: Glenn Greenwald never met a terrorist he didnt like

Jamie Weinstein Daily Caller December 26, 2013 Alan Dershowitz thinks leftwing blogger Glenn Greenwald hates America. After critiquing National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on CNN Wednesday, the Harvard Law School professor turned to Greenwald, who first printed Snowdens leaks for the Guardian newspaper. As far as Greenwald is concerned, you know, hes an ...
[Alan Dershowitz: Glenn Greenwald never met a terrorist he didnt like ]

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