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In order to watch cable television on computer, you can go for 2 options. The first option is getting a PCTV card, plug it in your computer and stream live tv channels using broadband connection. The other is using satellite tv software to stream live cable tv channels.

A PCTV card comes either in the form of PCI/PCI Express card (internal) or USB device (external). The device typically cost a few hundred dollars and will enable you to watch live cable and internet Peoria feeds by using broadband connection. You can get this card at major Pc hardware stores.

On the other hand, by using satellite tv software, there is no need for any hardware. You just install the software, connect your Pc or laptop to a broadband wired or wireless connection and you can start to enjoy live cable tv.

For both methods, you only pay a one-time fee for the purchase of hardware/software. However, a good satellite tv software will cost you no more than $50. That means with less than $50, you get to watch cable television on computer for as long as you like, free of charge. No monthly subscription fees, no pay per view fees. After a while, it will almost feel like you are getting free live satellite television.

In terms of number of channels offered, satellite television software wins hands down with thousands of channels available to choose from world wide in different languages.

Before you go ahead to purchase PCTV cards or satellite tv software to watch cable television on computer, make sure that the card or the software is supported by the operating system of your desktop or laptop (XP, Mac, etc).

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