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OW: Order of the Westermark is the first award created by Catalin and Ana. The award was later split into 3 categories: Arts (Blue), Service (White), and War (Green). If a second OW is awarded, the awardee receives only the appropriate color ribbon. The award is a large circle with the letter "W" in the center, and five rondels underneath the "W".

Silver Ring: Predecessor of the PoW, created by Corwyn and Susanna.

PoW: Pearl of the Westermark, created by Corwyn and Susanna. This award is given for small acts of service to the Barony and can be given multiple times. Necklace with a freshwater pearl, surronded by a gold bead and ametheyst on one side, and a gold bead and a hematite (or any other black stone bead) on the other.

P'PoW: Purple Heart Pearl of the Westermark, a subcategory of the Pearl of the Westermark created by Martin and Chiara. This award is given to members of the Barony who sacrifice themselves (via physical injury) while serving the Barony. This award can be given multiple times but Martin and Chiara sincerely hope not. Based on the Pearl, the only difference being the freshwater pearl is purple in the shape of a heart.

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