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The Barony of the Westermark
Westermark Madness ASXLII
 (July 20th-22nd, 2007)

Westermark Madness - Luau!
July 20-22, 2007
Barony of Westermark (Milpitas, CA)

 Once again Madness is upon us!
Slip into your favorite Hawaiian print garb and come and join Westermark as we celebrate the summer sun with Maui Madness!
Sip fruity drinks by the pool! Partake of our luau potluck dinner! Get leid!
Of course, all the old favorite traditional activities of Madness will be taking place: 
Compete to be the next Thug of the Westermark or cheer on your favorite!
Enter the rapier competition to become our Rapier Champion!
Dazzle us with your singing or storytelling in the Markee competition.
Show off your artistic skill in the brewing or cooking competitions,
or by carving a likeness of the Baron in a root vegetable.
Bid on fabulous items of unbelievable rarity in our silent auction!

Become one of the exalted individuals who will have the opportunity to pie our Baron!
We offer Numinorian brick throwing, Battle of the Immortals, Troll fighting,
and, of course, the ever popular Sunday morning game of Fizzball!
All this and more! Check this page for event updates!

Contest Information:


 Click here for the Post-event wrap up!

Click here for the Event Photos!

Brewing Competition:

There will be four categories for the brewing contest:

Infusions: for cordials, flavored vodkas, etc.

Brewed with hops: for beers, ales, stouts, etc.

Fermented beverages without hops: for meads, root beers, ginger ales, ciders, etc.


Non-alcoholic Cocktail Mixing Competition:

Non-alcoholic (virgin tropical cocktail): for fruity tropical concoctions that contain no alcohol (list of ingredients must be provided)


Grendel Lacktooth Cooking Competition:

Faux Poi:  Concoct a dish that looks like it could be poi, but

tastes like something else entirely. 

Best Use of Spam: The name says it all!


There are no ingredient restrictions for either category, but

a list of ingredients for all entries must be provided.


Fighting Competitions:

Heavy Armor:  To determine who will be Thug of the Westermark and Westermark Shepherd for the coming year.

Rapier: To determine our Baroness’s new Rapier Champion.


Photo Contest:

Bring your camera to the event, capture the moment, and submit your best photos for the chance to win a fabulous prize (to be determined). All photo submissions become the property of Westermark for publication on our website.

See this link for more information about the Photo Contest!


Markee Bardic Competition:

During the Saturday night bardic circle, performers of song, storytelling, etc. will be considered and the best chosen to hold the title of Westermark Markee for the coming year.


Garb Competition:

This will be informally judged. Showing up on Saturday wearing Hawaiian print garb automatically enters you in this competition. 


Carve the likeness of the Baron in a root vegetable:

Root vegetables and carving implements will be provided.


Winners of all competitions will be announced at Saturday evening court except the Markee which will be announced at Sunday morning court and the photo contest which will be announced on our website after the close of the contest and the winner is notified by phone or email.
Site Information:
Spring Valley Lake area of Ed Levin Park.
We have decided not to charge a fee
but donations to help defray our expenses will be
cheerfully extorted…   er…    accepted.  

Please note that the park will be charging per car per night

and parking is limited so carpooling is strongly encouraged.

Muirenn ingen Chinnfaélad

Traveling on either Interstate 680 or 880, take the Calaveras
Road exit in Milpitas. Drive East towards the foothills along Calaveras
Road. Calaveras Road passes through the southern portion of Ed Levin Park.
The Spring Valley area will be on your right,  watch for SCA signs.

Directions from the Barony of the Westermark:
101 South to 237 East, this winds through Milpitas and becomes Calaveras Road