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The Barony of the Westermark
Events Calendar
Upcoming Westermark Events
in 2010

Annual Naval Feast
at Beltaine Coronation
Apr 30-May 2nd

Maker Faire
May 22nd-23rd
San Mateo Fairgrounds

Westermark Madness
"Da Vinci's Madness"
July 17th-19th
Ed Levin Park, Milpitas

The Hunt of St. Sebastian
Sept 18th
Pacifica Archery Range

Recurring Events:
Westermark Meetings:
Westermark Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m.

Click here for Meeting Information and Directions.

Westermark Archery Details:
Archery practice is held the Third Sunday of each month from 2-4:00 p.m., but can be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts or weather. Please contact the Baronial Archer for details. Click here for Archery Range directions.

Fiber Arts & Spinning Night!
7pm on Thursday Nights

Dance Practice
7pm on Wednesday nights

For the most detailed listing of  Westermark and related events, please check the Facebook Group calendar available here:
Facebook Group for Barony of the Westermark

For Kingdom of the West events information:
West Kingdom Website
- or -
West Kingdom Calendar
West Kingdom and Principality Calendar for 2010:

Jan 8-10th: Twelfth Night Coronation
January 30th: Crosston Dance Ball

Feb 6: West Kingdom War Collegium
Feb 8-15th Estrella War (in Atenveldt)

Mar 6: West Heralds Collegium
Mar 7 West College of Heralds
Mar 13 White Shield of Darkwood
Mar 19-21 March Crown Tournament

Apr 09-11 Mist Spring Coronet
Apr 17th Southern Shores Newcomers Tourney
Apr 24-25 A&S Collegium
Apr 25 West Kingdom Officers meeting
Apr 30-May 2 Beltaine Coronation in Cloverdale

May 1-2nd Beltaine Coronation in Cloverdale
May 7-9th Mists and Cynagua war hosted by the Mists
May 21-23 Mists Investiture

June 5th: Mists Games
June 11-13th: Kingdom A&S festival
June 18-21: June Crown Tournament

July 2-5th: West/An-Tir War in Gold Beach, Oregon
July 17-19th: Westermark Madness
Pennsic War July 23rd-August 8th

Aug 14: Cloondara's Debardchery
Aug 27-29: West Kingdom Purgatorio Coronation

Sept 3-6: Ducal co-sponsored by KHTI/West Kingdom
Sept 18th: Westermark Hunt of St. Sebastian
Sept 25: Mists Bardic Competition

Oct 1-3rd: October Crown Tournament
Oct 5-11: Great Western War (in Taft, CA near Bakersfield)
Oct 15-17: Mists Coronet Tournament
Oct 22-24: A&S Collegium
Oct 24: Kingdom Officers Meeting

Nov 5-7th: Cynagua and Mists hosted by Cynagua
Nov 13: Heralds Collegium
Nov 14: College of Heralds
Nov 20: Mists Investiture


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Past Events