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Feast Hall & On-Site Food Options
La Prova Dura Auction Preview

La Prova Dura Auction Preview

The Shire of Canale will be holding a live auction to benefit La Prova Dura at March Crown. They will be previewing several of the items at 12th Night. On Friday night, the auction display will be near the sewing room from 6 to 10 pm; on Saturday, it will be in the guild hall from 9 am to 7 pm (brief closures subject to court schedule).

For more information on La Prova Dura, please visit

For an on-line catalog of auction items, please visit

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Feast Hall & On-Site Food Options

This year the feast hall will be set with long tables, will be open for setup on Friday from 7pm to 10pm, and will reopen on Saturday from 8am till 11pm.

For anyone wishing to select seating space, please share and conserve table space -coordinate with others in your party to avoid multiple claims, be prepared to mark places with a cloth or place mat, claim only as many seats as your party will need at once, and help later arrivals find available places at tables.

The room will be locked at 10pm Friday, but we still caution against leaving anything truly valuable there overnight.

The West Kingdom does not provide any sort of "official" feast to the populace. Everyone is on their own for food during the days of the event. Fell free to bring any food that requires no cooking at the site. Cooking of any sort is not allowed at the event or in the feast hall.

The DoubleTree hotel also has several options for providing us with meals. There is the Coffee Garden Restaurant, Spencers for Steaks and Chops (for nice dinners), the Sushi and Sake bar in the hotel lobby, and they are planning to set up a "to go" meal bar for us, with sandwiches and other items for quick pick up.

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Golden Stag Players

The Golden Stag Players will be performing the Commedia dell'Arte play that was the basis for Shakespeare's famous history play Henry V. This scenario was researched by Wulfric of Creigull and Aldith Anghard St. George of the Golden Stag Players. From the scenario itself:

"It is a little known-fact that Shakespeare adapted commedia dell’arte for some of his comedies.1 It is much less widely-known that Shakespeare also used elements of commedia for his history plays.2
After much research3 we have unearthed the original scenario that became the basis of one of Shakespeare’s recognized history plays. Here, for the first time in over four hundred years,4 we present… The English King of France."

1 This is true. Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Comedy of Errors, elements from Much Ado About Nothing.
2 This is also true. Jack Falstaff, Pistol, Nym, Bardolph, and Mistress Quickly are similar to stock commedia characters.
3 This is still true. I bought the Cliffs Notes to Henry V, and I listened to the Branagh movie soundtrack while writing.
4 This is also still true! “Never” is (infinitely) longer than four hundred years.

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Duchesses Ball

Come help the Kingdom make History at the Duchesses Ball!!

This year we Celebrate the 3rd annual Duchesses Ball at 12th Night. That means once the Ball ends we will be an Official Kingdom Tradition. This is a huge Accomplishment.

No one should miss the Opportunity to Have the Ability to Boast to future generations "I Attended the 3rd Annual Duchesses Ball and helped make it a real live West Kingdom Tradition."

As in the past we will have a desert table as well as other entertainment. In addition the Duchesses Ball is Hosting Gaming Tables for those Gentles who do not dance but would like to join us. Of course there is nothing to keep you from dancing as well. You can dance and then rest while playing period games. It sounds like the perfect combination to me.

Set list for Dancers & Musicians (updated Jan 3rd):

Queen's Alman (4x)
Amoroso (2x)
Bransle Pinagay

Petit Riens
Black Alman (4x)
Black Nag
Horse's Bransle

Gathering Peascods
Danse de Cleves
Bizzaria d'Amore
Rufty Tufty
Pavane and Galliard

Sellenger's Round
Montarde Bransle
Gracca Amoroso
Lorayne Alman (4x)
Bransle Official

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Friday Night SCA Films

By special request and popular demand, Duke Henrik will be showing several old SCA home movies, including the "first party" film.  This is an incredible opportunity to see many of the films of the early days of the SCA, and learn about its history first person!  Final Lineup still being determined...

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Social dancing

Friday: meet at the Gateway Foyer, outside of what will be the Court Hall. We will go over some of the dances for the Duchesses Ball starting around 7:30pm, and then dance until our musicians make us stop!

Saturday: Meet at the Santa Clara room, near the other activity halls. At 4pm, we'll go over many of the dances to be taught at the Duchesses Ball in the evening.

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Friday Night Sewing Room

Do you need to finish a little bit more on your garb for Saturday?  If so, this is the place to be Friday Night! 

we'll have a sewing room set up with sewing machines, steamers, irons and ironing boards as well as plenty of table space. Along with several skilled helpers in case you run into any issues.

This will be happening Friday evening from 5pm-11pm – later if needed.

While sewing machines will be in supply, if you'd prefer to bring your
own to work with, there will be plenty of table space and electricity.

We hope that those of you who need to finish up your 12th Night
clothing will feel free to come on in and avail yourselves.

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The Casbah

Come join us at the Casbah!  Open to all!  This is a great alternative activity for anyone interested in middle eastern culture, music & dance.  Also a great option if formal court is not your thing.

On Friday Night, the theme will be "Midnight at the Oasis"
Come join us in helping to set up the Casbah, and then join in the fun as we entice musicians & dancers to join us in our Tent palace for an open night of dancing & music!

On Saturday, the Casbah will be in full swing all day into the evening, or roughly from 10am through the end of the night.  We are trying to setup an environment that will allow newcomers and experts to learn alike through the day with teachers available to help introduce group performance style and technique to all who attend.  Saturday Night will focus on longer & more advanced performance with open dance floor and a pickup band open to all.
Please contact the Casbah-crat: Joel the Brewer if you are interested in Teaching a topic during the day.

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Artisan Displays

A Saturday afternoon Artisans’ Display is planned for The West Kingdom's 12th night. This is not a competition; this is a chance for artists to display their work (and works in
progress). It is also a chance to schmooze and be schmoozed by other artisans of the kingdom. Artisans of all levels are
welcome to participate.

Bring your projects and your questions, show off your work and take an opportunity to see what others are working on.
If you leave items for a static display, please be sure each one is marked with your name and contact info.

Documentation is not required, but is recommended. A handout with a description of your item, and how you made it is always appreciated by the people who stop by for a look.
Notepads and pencils will be provided to exchange contact
information or leave questions or comments, and personal tokens are encouraged. They don't need to be fancy -- beads or ribbons or baggies of cookies are all equally appreciated.
The display area will be open about 1:30pm for setup, and the
display will run from 2 p.m. to 4pm. The Artisans Display is
currently scheduled in the afternoon, but that is subject to the whimsy of Their Majesties, and Their Royal Highnesses.

If you would like to display your works, please contact: Crystal of the Westermark

The default setting is currently a half-table per
artist, but different arrangements are available if you ask in
advance. If you will need more space, or if you have any special requirements (light? electricity? space for a dress-dummy? dancing? are you hoping to serve snacks?) you cannot procrastinate in letting me know what you need.
(You can procrastinate on what exactly you’ll be displaying until thevery last minute, that’s ok).

You may want to consider how to protect your work if it is especially fragile. If you can't decide until the very last minute about participating, there may be a small amount of extra table space on a first come, first served basis or the whimsy of our Queen.

The Artisan's display will be on the second floor, (So make sure your art can fit into the elevator, or you are willing to carry it upstairs) in the Gateway Foyer of the DoubleTree hotel in San Jose. If your art project is too big to be carried, you can still reserve a table at the display for pictures, plans, and scale models.

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Guild Displays

More information will be posted here soon!

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New for this year at 12th Night, you will receive a set of ribbons as you enter the gate. These are for you to hand out to others.

On this joyous occasion, we hope that you will find much to enjoy, and share. The ribbons are our way of acknowledging those who help make this SCA event a better experience.
Whether we think of it as "living the dream" or building the world in which we want to live, or simply that "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers," kind and chivalrous acts from those around us can make this festive day more joyous for all of us.

We invite you to gift your ribbons to those who improve your day by contributing their courtesy, kindness, or chivalry, unasked, to your enjoyment of this Grand Coronation.

So, if someone helps you with a bag, entertains you
with a song, performs a chivalrous act on your behalf, or performs an act of service for you, please grant them the favor of a ribbon, so all in attendance may see by the colorful collection they have acquired just how much this kind person contributes to the society in our Kingdom of the West!

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Brute Squad

We know from past experience that most folk will be arriving at the hotel at about the same time on Friday and Saturday, and leaving at about the same time Sunday.

We know that the hotel will run short of bellmen and carts. For this reason, we are recruiting the services of a BRUTE SQUAD!

We are looking for brute squad members to wear the
official baldrics, and be there at the doors to assist, tote barges, lift bales and keep the door areas clear for new arrivals. Think of the bardic arts that could be written of your exploits!  Think of the bragging rights that will be yours for being part of the first brute squad!  Eternal glory can be yours, for just a few acts of kindness to others!

We expect that Brute Squad members will have an advantageous opportunity to demonstrate unasked kindnesses and acts of chivalry as they offer to assist those lucky folk who have been invited to join in celebrating
this Grand Coronation.

If you have a cart or hand truck that will
fit on the elevators- feel free to bring them along!

If you have what it takes to be part of the Brute Squad, please check in at the Information Desk, adjacent to the Registration area!

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Notice Boards & Town Criers

Notice Boards / Town Criers will be available

watch for them, as they may be moving!! Due to the new wall coverings and decorations at the Doubletree, we are NOT allowed to post ANYTHING on the walls or doors. Please honor this.

We will have 2 "town crier" boards around the hotel for you to post your notices, so the word will get out on your vigil, party, future events, etc.

If you have something that needs to be announced, please write it up, and present it at the Information Desk, adjacent to the Registration area!

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